Sathya Sai Baba and the Findhorn Community

This Web Site has been set up by Carol Riddell. I spent 10 years at the Findhorn Community and have visited Sri Sathya Sai Baba 7 times. Here is the text of 5 spiritual books, a recent study paper, two local history books, a short book of poems and a children's story. You may download the contents for your personal use only. If you wish to have hard copies of any of these books, contact Google books or second hand book dealers.   

Links to different parts of the site are underlined in RED or BLUE .

The first book, Inner Teachings, is a short account of my personal experiences with Sai Baba since 1985, when I first became a devotee. It also explains how the other three books were written.At the end, a link brings you back to this page.

The Second, Gifts of Divine Love, is a series of messages received from Sai Baba during workshops led by me in various countries of Europe. Sai Baba Himself personally blessed these Messages for publication at Prasanthi Nilayam. Details are in the file. It has been published in a Spanish Translation by Ediciones Luciernaga, Barcelona, Spain, 1996 ("Ofrendas de amor"). On the Web site it is in 2 pages. Go from the link above to part 1 first . From the end of part 1 there is a link to part 2 . You can get back to this page from either page

The Third, To Transcend the Ego, consists of 83 Messages received from Sai Baba over a 9 month period. They are personal, related to events in my life at that time, but constitute a manual for spiritual training that others have found very useful. It is in 4 pages.

The Fourth, The Path to Love, is an introduction to spirituality in two parts - Guidance and Exercises for groups of Spiritual Seekers. It was published by Findhorn Press, in 1995, and is now out of print in the English Version, although I still have copies for sale. There are Spanish and Italian translations still in print. It is also in 4 pages.
These are the Sai Baba Books.
'The Findhorn Community', originally published by Findhorn Press, is now out of print in the English, German & French editions. But it is still in print in the Spanish version. It remains the definitive account of the remarkable Findhorn Spiritual Community in North East Scotland. For information about this book and its text, click on the title above.  For current details about the Findhorn community, go to  
A section of the Findhorn Community dealt with the spiritual principles of the community, Chs. 2, 3 and 4. In 3012 I extensively revised these chapters for a study paper called The Spiritual Basis of the Findhorn Community.
Please use the link to go to it. The Spiritual Basis of the Findhorn Community.
A further short book printed here is a study in Scottish West Highland Local History. It is called Tireragan, A Community on the Ross of Mull. It focusses on the area named in the title, but gives an impression of West Highland culture in general and the impact of the Clearances upon it. It was published in Mull where I lived and worked for 7 years. It is on 3 pages. Use this LINK to go to the first one.
A new book, based on original work by Julia Apland Hitz is in course of publication. It is called The Island of Erraid and is the story of the island and its link with the Findhorn Foundation. It is in 3 pages. To go to it, use this LINK

In 1982, I published a book of feminist poetry, Ladydreaming, mainly written in the 1970s in Liverpool. Use the LINK to get to it.

The Chronicles of Thumpus Wumpus is a fiction book for children. It was published in 2000 by Harper Collins, Australia under their Angus & Robertson imprint and is now out of print. Use the LINK to go to the text, which is in 3 pages.

Divided Sisterhood is a sociological/political feminist tract written in the late 1970s. A revised version, omitting one section, is printed in Blending Genders, an anthology edited by Richard Elkins and Dave King, (Routledge & Kegan Paul, London & New York, 1996). The anthology is still in print and can be ordered from booksellers.

Approaching Sociology was my first book, written with Margaret Coulson, published in 1970, with a revised edition in 1980 by Routledge and Kegan Paul, London & New York and translated into Spanish, Portugese and Dutch. It a short textbook of sociology from a structuralist perspective and was quite widely used. It went out of print recently, but is easily available from libraries.

My daughter, Renate Suzuki, also has a web site, with the text and music of some ecological songs for children on it. You can go direct from here to her site. Click on the LINK